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 Welcome to Pro Libertate Security.
Man’s best friend can also be man’s best defence.  At Pro Libertate Security, our highly trained security dogs protect property, premises and people. Our dogs’ formidable speed and sharp senses of sight, sound and smell mean that just one dog and handler perform the work of three conventional security guards.
Whether you want to feel safe in the knowledge your business premises are secure or need peace of mind at a high-profile event, Pro Libertate Security is here to assist you. Rest easy – you’re in safe and experienced hands. Your confidence in us is of paramount importance. Our security dogs are trained to the high standards of obedience, agility and protection required by the NTIPDU (National Training Inspectorate for Professional Dog Users) and EDI Level 2 National Award for General Purpose Security Dog HandlersYou can trust us because our dogs and handlers are qualified, fully insured, and experienced. Furthermore, all of our dogs and handlers are assessed on a regular basis, so you can be sure that we always meet the highest of standards. 
Whatever your needs, Pro Libertate Security can meet them. These days, many businesses take care of security with alarm systems and CCTV which, although deterrents, are not always enough to stop crime. Patrol dogs are a cost-effective, more effective solution. By using our 24-hour service of static and mobile patrol, you can feel secure day and night. Our security dogs control a range of situations, from keeping business premises safe and sound to personal and property protection within the corporate, Blue Chip and Governmental sectors. 
Pro Libertate Security – ‘ We take care when you’re not there’ Discreet and professional, our security dogs are guaranteed to give you peace of mind. From  mobile patrol and drug detection, we act as your establishment’s eyes and ears and offer a bespoke service backed up by vast experience. Feel safe straight away: contact us today and we’ll provide you with a free quotation for your security needs. 

A professional service through and through.
No matter the extent of your assignment or duration, we are able to assist you with your enquiry whether it be, mobile dog patrols, static guarding or security dog handling.
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